Oct 22, 2010

Another great Cat food deal!!!

Booger, Patches (and all the neighborhood cats and strays that eat their food) are going to be living large now!!  I went to Meijers yesterday and brought home this bag full of cat food for FREE - no, that's not true - I actually MADE money on this one!

The Meow Mix cups are .52 each. I bought 32. There were $1 off 2 coupons in the 9/26 RP coupon insert. I used 16 coupons. Once you deduct the coupons and add on $1 in tax it left $1.64. Wait there's more! There was a promotion going on that gave me back $1 for every 6 cups I purchased - which meant I was paid $3.36 for this cat food. Yippee!

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