Oct 6, 2010

Any suggestions for removing BOT FLY EGGS?

Can someone help me? I have a mini mare who has botfly eggs on her legs. The botfly knife doesn't remove the eggs. She has such soft fine hair. Is there a powder or something I could put on that might kill the eggs and get them to drop off? Thanks for reading, Lois

Hi Lois,
Some flies lay their larvae (called bot eggs) on the hair of your horse’s legs. An easy way to kill bot eggs is by lightly coating the eggs with a light oil such as vegetable or mineral oil. This makes it so the larvae can’t breath and kills them. There are pumice type products available that might work better for you than the knife to remove the eggs. You can also try gently running a disposable bic razor gently over them. ~bethkay

Please let me know if anyone has any other suggestions!


Sydney_bitless said...

Slick n easy grooming block. Works every time. Very good for removing find hair during shedding season on sensitive and hard to brush areas.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys!! I've got a slick n easy block too. Never thought of that. Plus I'll try the oil treatment also. Just to make sure. Thanks again. Lois

Anonymous said...

my horses wear the mesh leg wraps all summer long, and it really helps. Just get the right size for your horse and there machine washable and line dry them. They work beautiful for me. Keeps them from stopping and alot less fly bots on them. I put them on all four legs.


From, North Branch, MI