Oct 9, 2010

Have you signed up for SWAGBUCKS yet?!?

I have mentioned swagbucks in the past & I just wanted to let you know that I still LOVE it!  I signed up for Swagbucks back in January 2010 & with almost no effort at all - I have earned $85 in Amazon gift cards so far. 
All you have to do is sign up for Swagbucks, use their search engine to do whatever normal searches you do - like for example looking for "Of Course You Can Afford a Horse!".  Every now and then when I am searching - a box pops up and tells me that I just won Swagbucks! It's really fun & the bucks add up quickly.  You use the swagbucks to purchase fabulous prizes. (I always buy Amazon gift cards - you can put them in your Amazon account & they hold them until you are ready to use - handy when buying gifts)

I also downloaded the Swagbuck toolbar to make it even easier to do searches, but this isn't necessary. Trust me - you will wonder what took you so long to sign up!!

Search & Win

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