Feb 16, 2011

Changes to Purina Difference Rewards Program

I received an email today regarding the Purina Difference Rewards Program:

Thank you for your participation in The Purina Difference™ Rewards Program! In 2011 we have some exciting changes to the program that we think you’ll like. In the past you have received your Rewards Program coupons via mail. Well, starting February 21, 2011 you will now receive your coupons via email!

If you haven't signed up already - this is a great program to belong to! Get quarterly coupons on Purina horse feeds . Sign up at www.purinamills.com/rewards & please use referral number 20100512-66-03767394 when you sign up.

Eligible species coupons include only the following: Horse, Cattle, Rabbit, Goat, Poultry, Show Feed, Outdoor/Wildlife and Exotic.

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