May 17, 2011

Enter to win Equine VIP’s May contest!

This month 3 lucky winners will receive:

Nunn Finer
Equi-Ping is the newest and safest tying solution. Developed in the UK, Equi-Ping is an easy to use ring that will always “ping” open if your horse or pony pulls back while panicking at the trailer. Equi-Ping will release when the right amount of pressure is applied every time.
Aloe Advantage Matrix 3-Step System Wound care as easy as 1-2-3 Healed. Using the MATRIX 3-Step System allows you to quickly, easily and safely cleanse, treat and restore your horse’s affected areas.
Spray On Rinse new Total Body Wash Green. The bathing kit offers the best cleaning that rinses easily for a soft and shiny feel. There’s no buckets and brushes and no scrubbing. eZall’s bio based body wash is safe around the eyes and great for horses, cattle, dogs, or any animal that needs an unbeatable clean for unbeatable value.
For Horse Sake – A completely holistic, natural insect repellant that is made of essential oils and apple cider vinegar.
1st Place – Kauffman’s Integri – Hoof is a premium pelleted protein, vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement formulated to support the ‘integrity’ of healthy hooves; the foundation of any equine athlete.

2nd Place – Kauffman’s Equine Gold features live yeast, beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes to support optimal digestive health and efficiency in a variety of equine athletes.

3rd Place – Kauffman’s Hydro Max KAUFFMAN’S HydroMax has been formulated to support optimal hydration in a variety of equine athletes

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