Sep 18, 2011

Equine Epiphanies is doing a giveaway!

My new blogging friend Jen is offering a fun giveaway at her blog right now. Be sure to visit her and sign up. A winner will be drawn September 30th - or maybe a bit later (LOL!) Be sure to poke around and enjoy her blog while you're there. Lots of fun photos of her beautiful horses!

You could win:
A cute little canine zipper pull, a fun pair of felines for your footies (knee-hi's), a pretty pair of sparkly handmade dangles just in time for fall, and a $10 gift card for PetSmart.


Jen said...

Thanks so much for spreading the word girl! Cracked me up to read the words "beautiful horses" and then scroll down to see Bella's loopy-looking expression; I just love those yawning faces :o)

bethkay said...

I couldn't resist using that pic of Bella - it cracks me up big time! Love, love horses with personality :-)