Jul 15, 2012

July 2012 Contest: Foal of the Month

This month's contest at OneStopEquineShop is all about the young'ins -- The cute colts. The precious ponies. The up-and-coming equines. If you've had your horse since it was a fetching little foal, they want to see 'em.  Here's how to win:

1) Upload your favorite picture of your young horse. No matter if it's from two days ago, or two decades. As long as it makes us want to say "Awww".

2) Provide a brief description of why your horse should be crowned, 'Foal of the Month'.

3) Share the contest and photo with ALL of your friends. Tack up as many Fan Votes as possible. That's how we choose the winner! Contest ends July 19th.

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